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Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP)

Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP) is our premier centrally managed platform and offers fully diversified mutual fund and/or exchange-traded product (ETP) models.

MWP offers a comprehensive range of solutions and provides you the ability to mix and match up to three models in a single account to create portfolios that align with whatever investment objectives, risk tolerance, and goals your client may have.

These models are guided by institutional portfolio strategists, including LPL Research. By outsourcing the portfolio construction and management responsibilities to a strategist, you’re empowered to free up valuable time to focus on doing what you do best – helping your clients address their financial goals.

Using a well-defined approach, strategists manage core and satellite portfolios designed to target specific client goals, such as capital appreciation, income generation, downside protection, and tax efficiency.

MWP is offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC.